The First International Cognitive Cities Conference (IC3), August 7-9, 2018, Okinawa, Japan.

The cities around the world are vibrant and thriving, often be regarded as the initial experimental field for corresponding most immediate issues. Recently, there are many emergency trends included population aging, global warming, food crisis and environmental pollution to affect cities. The intersection of these trends poses issues and challenges to cities. Meanwhile, rapid systems and infrastructures of intelligence and cognitive are developped to provide city resident smarter services efficiently. However, it is difficult to archive the more cognitive depended on existing techniques, models. How to construct the theoretical framework for advanced improvements of cognitive cities becomes a critical issue. IC3 2018 will provide an open platform to exchange each others' research results and experience in the topics from cognitive cities and other related fields.

This conference features all recent advances in an integral concept that highlights the trends in advanced theory, systems and applications for cognitive cities.